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$39,900 per share / deeded ownership

Financing Available


Each fractional owner of Pedlar Camp  has exclusive use of the property four times a year, one week per calendar season.  To increase scheduling flexibility, weeks can be exchanged among owners and additional weeks can be purchased when available.  As an owner, your experience here is maintenance free.  The 2400 sq ft cottage and 15 acres surrounding it are cared for by a housekeeper and groundskeeper.  Beds are made, towels are clean, the hot tub is ready to go, and wood fires are laid awaiting your arrival.


Owners of Pedlar Camp pay semi annual dues of $1,020 to cover property expenses such as grounds maintenance, housekeeping, insurance, heating and air repairs, pest control, etc.  This budget also allows for expected wear and tear.  Furniture and other amenities are repaired and upgraded over time.  Property management is responsible and readily available for addressing these needs.


In the surrounding area you will find native trout streams, countless hiking trails, beautiful mountain lakes, golf courses and ski slopes, summer polo matches and farmers markets, as well as breweries and the Virginia Wine Trail.  At Pedlar Camp, you experience the best of four seasons.  The autumn leaves are breathtaking, and snows falls every winter.

Please contact us with any further questions about owning a share at Pedlar Camp

“The Mountains are calling and I must go!”  It’s so true.  Pedlar Camp has become such a therapeutic part of our lives and even during the busiest times of year, we pack our bags and head to the mountains.  Sometimes we go for a full week and stay busy the whole time.  Sometimes we just pop in for a relaxing weekend.  I’ve even bought extra days during the week so I can get some work done on the computer, and not have any distractions other than a soak in the hot tub when I'm done.  It feels as if we have a second home.. that doesn’t require cleaning!"

Pedlar Camp Owner since 2008

“We love it because it’s affordable, convenient to use, and hassle free.  To own a place in the mountains has always been a dream of ours, but it didn’t seem realistic until we came across this opportunity.”

Pedlar Camp Owner since 2008

"It’s so funny how our experience at Pedlar has evolved.  We bought a share so that we could take the kids fishing and introduce them to a less materialistic world but to be honest, we’re the ones that needed it.  Now that our family has shared so many great weekends in the mountains, I can’t imagine not having it in our lives.  It doesn’t feel like vacation anymore, it feels like a home away from home."

Pedlar Camp Owner since 2007