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Blue Ridge Mountain Cabin shares for sale
Does Pedlar Camp operate like a time share?
No. Unlike traditional timeshares, each fractional owner of Pedlar Camp owns a fraction of the title.  This deed can be left to a loved one, transferred, or sold at any time.

How does fractional ownership work?
Each fractional owner has exclusive use of the property four times a year, one week per calendar season.  Every year those four weeks move forward by one week, enabling every owner the opportunity to enjoy every week over time. Owners have online access to a well-managed, private calendar allowing them to confirm or trade usage dates, as well as browse through additional dates available for exchange or purchase.  Owner dues are collected semi annually to cover property expenses such as maintenance, repairs, insurance, taxes, internet and TV satellite connection, grounds care and house keeping, heating and cooling, etc.  Unlike a traditional timeshares, owners of fractional ownership properties actually own a fraction of the title.  Your deed can be left to a loved one, transferred, or sold at any time.

Am I responsible for annual expenses?
Each owner pays semi annual dues of $1,020 to cover grounds maintenance, housekeeping, insurance, heating and air repairs, pest control, and other property expenses.  This budget also allows for expected wear and tear within the cottage, as well as upgrades and repairs of furniture and other amenities.  Property management is responsible and readily available for addressing these needs.

What does it cost up front and in annual dues?
$39,900/share + $1,020 semi annual dues

Can I tour the property?
Of course! Contact us to make an appointment.  We’d love to give you a tour of the cottage and surrounding property, and answer any questions you may have.

Can I try out the cottage before committing to ownership?
Yes, there is a one year contract available for $5,000 that will cover your first year dues of $2,040 and apply the remaining $2,960 balance to your purchase.  Please contact us for more information.

What kind of legal document would I have as a fractional owner?
A deed of ownership for the weeks you have chosen.  When the time comes, your deed can be transferred to a friend or family member, or sold on the open market.

Do I need to prepare the house for the next owner’s visit?
Not entirely.  Owners have agreed to strip the beds and leave all linens in the laundry room, as well as load the dishwasher and return personal items to their private closets.   The property manager is then responsible for ensuring the cottage has been cleaned and prepared by housekeeping.  Upon arrival, the cottage is spotless.  The beds are made, bathrooms are stocked with clean towels, hot tub is ready to go, and wood fires are laid awaiting your arrival.

Can I offer my weeks at the cottage to friends and family?
Owners can hand the keys over to direct family members only, and will remain responsible for the cottage during their stay.  Owners cannot rent out the cottage at any time, nor can they invite friends to stay at the cottage during their absence.